Monday, July 26, 2010

Maina Kageni and Kingangi morning Show


I fully support your sentiments on protecting human values. Indeed most radio station don't seem to care much about this; ironically most of these shows are during the hours when some of us are with school going children in the vehicles. Yes some topics maybe relevant, but they need to be discussed in moderation. there are shows like bursted - you wonder what the purpose is; human beings are not angels and assisting partners to burst each other with no help for reconciliation is sad. I often switch from station to station, and I must admit i foind KISS FM more moderate and comfortable - except for the boring music.

We need talk shows to be more on protecting and promoting human values. If a Husband or Wife have issues, then the show shoulde be on how best to help resolve the issues - correct weaknesses/mistakes; assistying to promote cohesion and not concentrate on developing rebelions. We are lucky in Africa that some of the caltural values have helped togetherness in the family; as oposed to western where marriage is more than often short time - and its quite normal for one to say they are in their fith marriage.

Henry Okubo

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