Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kalasha Awards

When you got friends in high places, crashing parties that you had no idea where there in the first place seems the ideal way to start a weekend. Besides it’s not every day that you rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of the media and political society in Kenya.

And let’s not forget the part that its 3000 per head, am sure that was meant to keep the hooligans out of such event – no pun intended. But to be serious this was the equivalent of the American Oscars, and the pomp, hype, mood and the caliber of the people had to be just right.

Highlights of the evening, PLO Lumumba’s speech of which I can’t seem to remember a single word of what he said and I could almost swear that I gave a heart ovation after he had finished and mellowed over his wise words – politicians skills. I have never found Churchill particularly funny, but for some reason I found myself clapping very vehemently when he went to receive his award and left the crowd in giggles.

The mandate of Kenya films commission is to motivate local producers towards quality film and TV productions. It’s a crying shame that awards were being dished out to actors, producers and directors of movies that hadn’t even been absorbed into the Kenyan theaters (market) and you’re like, when did that movie debut and how come’s you hadn’t got the chance to see it? To be precise, the Rugged Priest, the Brief Case, Me, My Wife and Her Guru and Muigwithania all sounded OK but personally I think - Me, My Wife and Her Guru would have been an interesting watch based on its preview and the actors involved in the production.

Even after the awards were over I never got to hear of them again, if I did I would have gladly found the time to go purchase one if it were within my budget. But truth be told it would be naïve of me to assume such movies would be the equivalent cost of the ones found on Moi avenue. Or maybe it’s just plain ignorance that I never had the interest looking for Kenyan movies. Kenya has got talent that’s for sure and am glad some people finally got recognition for the years that have spent in the industry e.g. Vioja Mahakamani

As for me and my escapade, my gals and I forced Kidum – Ok... Well… Kinda… but if you scream on top of your lungs does sounds like forcing. So I kindly requested him to repeat my favorite song. To top it all up I got a snap taken with his highness the comedian Eric Omondi which never made it to the print in the first place – “damn the photographer”.

By yours truly Mo Mungai
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Discussing Infidelity on Sebuleni by Carole Mandi (NTV)

Carole Mandi on this particular show is discussing a quite sensitive issue yet one that cannot be ignored, and that's infidelity. Dr. Harts, who's a renown phychologist and a major newspaper columnist on relationship matters is her guest.

The audience gives different opinions, trying to explain reasons why couples cheat. Some point out negligence from one of the partners as the cause. Others attribute it to financial reasons. And many others. Dr. Harts observes the root cause root as quite different from these views.

Briefly, lets dive into statistics. Dr. Harts states that according to research, 60% of men and 40% of women have admitted to have strayed in relationships. If this shocks you, what you're about to hear will shock you even more. He goes on to stay that over 80% percent of people are bound to stray. He explains that the simple cause is that 'this is how we're wired'. Meaning, this number of men and women would readily stray, if only, an opportunity was there.

We know infidelity as the major cause of divorce, yet studies show that children do best in a monogamous kind of relationship between parents.

On the other hand, statistics have also that in Kenya, the new number of HIV infections is higher among married couples. As a matter of fact, among the guests in the show is a married couple, living positively with HIV. This is quite a disturbing reality. The show went on presenting different perspectives and this really got me thinking.

What's the solution?
As much as a human being will be tempted to get attracted to the wrong person, we also have a free will to choose. The expert view is fully supported in the holy bible for instance, which states that we're always at opposition from our own human nature, which pushes us to want to do the wrong thing.

One of the practical choices we'll have to make is avoiding opportunities that may present vulnerable situations. If you're committed to your family, you'll definitely plan to make this choice.

As a spiritual person, I know that am not only accountable to my wife but to God first. My pastor made this statement in his message, that our desire for spiritual things must supersede our desires for natural things. Having this in mind will guide you in the decisions you make, including what you plan to do or not do because of what you believe.

Nakutazamia by Mercy Wairegi

Produced by: Billy Frank (Audio)
Album: Nuru
Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uT6_mkROxg

Mercy Wairegi has released some of the most refreshing gospel tunes in Kenya. I watched her latest video Nakutazamia on Youtube and it's just awesome. Among her BVG's is none other than Christine Ndela, another big name in Kenyan gospel music.

The reggae styled worship song will leave you asking for more.

The video is shot on an evening beach setting. Something else you'll appreciate in this song is the rhythm and the drums. The feel of a live band is just captivating including the bass guitar. You can't fail to feel the passion and the energy.

Apart from the music, the song has deep worship lyrics. As Mercy sings out words of gratitude and worship to God, you cannot help but join her and feel the same way. And worship along with her.

You'll definitely want to look out for this album next time you go to the store.

MyBestShow to Feature Films and Music Videos

MyBestShow is spreading it's wings to cover more content. As opposed to the past where we've been discussing TV and radio shows, the blog is diversifying to include other types of shows including films, concerts/performances and music videos. We'll be featuring the latest and best productions as well as profiles and news on various names in the entertainment industry.

We can promise more interesting content and definitely richer information to get you more informed and entertained as well. We'll continue to provide analysis on different shows as well as giving you an opportunity to give your views based through commenting on the blog posts.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Maina Kageni and Kingangi morning Show


I fully support your sentiments on protecting human values. Indeed most radio station don't seem to care much about this; ironically most of these shows are during the hours when some of us are with school going children in the vehicles. Yes some topics maybe relevant, but they need to be discussed in moderation. there are shows like bursted - you wonder what the purpose is; human beings are not angels and assisting partners to burst each other with no help for reconciliation is sad. I often switch from station to station, and I must admit i foind KISS FM more moderate and comfortable - except for the boring music.

We need talk shows to be more on protecting and promoting human values. If a Husband or Wife have issues, then the show shoulde be on how best to help resolve the issues - correct weaknesses/mistakes; assistying to promote cohesion and not concentrate on developing rebelions. We are lucky in Africa that some of the caltural values have helped togetherness in the family; as oposed to western where marriage is more than often short time - and its quite normal for one to say they are in their fith marriage.

Henry Okubo

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Role of Technology in Business on Enterprise Kenya (KTN)

When did you last go to a store? A few minutes ago may be? The store is a good example of how dependant business is on technology. It’s integration into a business causes efficiency and generally profitability, at various levels. In our own context, we might need to ask ourselves whether this has been realized and if not what are the reasons. Peter Wakasiaka of IAT tried to answer these questions in an interview on KTN’s Enterprise Kenya.

He said that there is need for awareness. Entrepreneurs need to know the benefits of integrating technology into their business. The best was to see this is by looking at the long term. For instance, it might cost to buy software to run some operations of the business, but in the long run, that will save on salaries.

He also explored on the benefits of using locally developed software. We do understand our needs better, and local developers are thus in a position to develop what is most ideal for us here. A system developed from outside may sometimes require much work in customizing it in order to cater for the need it’s meant to solve. We need to encourage the adaptation and development of Kenyan based software. This is good for the industry and the economy as well.

Business Tips: How to Earn From Your Talent
This is a common part of the program. The tips this time, involves helping someone utilize their talents for a vocation. It is important to ask yourself these questions:

1.What is your talent? What is it that you love doing or find it that you can start?
2.Find a way to market it. If you are into music, you could for instance find approaches some places to book for gigs
3.Think about what it is worth to you: You must value your talent.
4.Work on what you want to pursue especially if you’re not good at it. You need to take time to develop it
5.Find your own style (everyone has their unique was of bringing out what it is they do). By discovering this an individual can create for themselves a niche
6.Don’t wait for something ‘ideal’ to happen in order to get started: start with what your have and work your way up
7.Write down your ambitions (what’s written is already half done)

Julia Confronting Her Mother at School (Tahidi High, Citizen TV)

According to Sish, exchanging a business card is as good as kissing. She reports the ‘kissing incident’ to Julia who goes ahead to confront her mother, and much to the shock of some ‘observers’, that’s OJ and Sish, slaps her mother on the face. Miss Morgan happens to be watching too, in disbelief.

It later emerges that Julia’s parents are divorcing. As you watch her plead with her mother, “Please don’t leave us…I’m sure you can work it out”, your heart cannot help going out to a young person in her position. Experts would tell us that a family breaking apart is one of the most painful experiences. What this does to the children is devastating.

What if someone’s decision is to blame for this? It’s possible to feel anger and frustration towards such a person, yet many people think it’s acceptable to cheat on a spouse. Before someone looks at this issue as casually as the society is gravitating towards, it might help to take a good look at your family, which you value (assuming you do), and know that you could be writing a sentence to its demise, and permanently affect other peoples lives, whom you claimed to care about, for good! Quite sobering, isn’t it?