Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Role of Technology in Business on Enterprise Kenya (KTN)

When did you last go to a store? A few minutes ago may be? The store is a good example of how dependant business is on technology. It’s integration into a business causes efficiency and generally profitability, at various levels. In our own context, we might need to ask ourselves whether this has been realized and if not what are the reasons. Peter Wakasiaka of IAT tried to answer these questions in an interview on KTN’s Enterprise Kenya.

He said that there is need for awareness. Entrepreneurs need to know the benefits of integrating technology into their business. The best was to see this is by looking at the long term. For instance, it might cost to buy software to run some operations of the business, but in the long run, that will save on salaries.

He also explored on the benefits of using locally developed software. We do understand our needs better, and local developers are thus in a position to develop what is most ideal for us here. A system developed from outside may sometimes require much work in customizing it in order to cater for the need it’s meant to solve. We need to encourage the adaptation and development of Kenyan based software. This is good for the industry and the economy as well.

Business Tips: How to Earn From Your Talent
This is a common part of the program. The tips this time, involves helping someone utilize their talents for a vocation. It is important to ask yourself these questions:

1.What is your talent? What is it that you love doing or find it that you can start?
2.Find a way to market it. If you are into music, you could for instance find approaches some places to book for gigs
3.Think about what it is worth to you: You must value your talent.
4.Work on what you want to pursue especially if you’re not good at it. You need to take time to develop it
5.Find your own style (everyone has their unique was of bringing out what it is they do). By discovering this an individual can create for themselves a niche
6.Don’t wait for something ‘ideal’ to happen in order to get started: start with what your have and work your way up
7.Write down your ambitions (what’s written is already half done)

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