Friday, March 5, 2010

Launch of Ihub on Financial Markets Live (KTN)

Launching of Ihub was quite phenomenon for the technical community. The fact that KTN gave it such a good coverage and substantial air time on Financial Markets live was quite encouraging.

Ihub creates a platform for Kenyan software and web developers as well other techies to meet and collaborate to bring out various innovations. The facility is equipped with a host of resources including fast internet provided by KDN and Zuku.

Such initiative a good step in the right direction, where encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship as a whole is given the platform to bloom and flourish. I’m sure phenomenon things will come out as a result of this. Many kudos to the team responsible for conception and realization of this dream! We all owe it to them. We can only hope that many entities will emulate this example for greater good.

Can find out more on Ihub at

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