Friday, March 5, 2010

Esther Adongo Timberlake; Who Did This to Her?!

The tale surrounding Esther Arunga (as we know her, whose last name she has vehemently revoked), started out as drama, evolved into a disturbing puzzle mixed with disappointment, but that seems to be settling, unfortunately into a sad conclusion; very sad indeed; if you don’t think so, just for a moment put yourself in her parents shoes. And so many people did look up to her.

But leaving that for a moment, I’ve posted severally concerning this matter, and every time, trying to be optimistic and as defending as I can. But as of now, I can only say one thing: I’m done! So are many concerned Kenyans I believe. Not with Esther really; I believe she’s dealing with something that she seems to have no control over, what ever it is, I don’t know.

This rule has been tried and tested, and it really sobers me up: when you think everyone else is wrong but you, that should be a red flag right there. We’ve all been suspecting something going wrong, and felt that it will come out sooner or later. Well, the writing is on the wall; finally, it has come out!

I don’t at all wish to get into the relationship obscurity; I’d only pray that poor Wilson will have the strength to move on. However, I can’t leave without saying this: honoring parents is not a choice, unless the bible is the most foreign book to you. The single thought of taking them to court, for the simple reason of caring for you, so much enough to get the best professional help in the country, is not honor. Anyone can figure that out.

Now, this is my problem: Esther is under spiritual guidance. However, despite the big mistakes that she’s been making, that are so obvious (who would sue their parents for the ‘mistake’ of loving them!?), nothing seems to be bothering her spiritual leadership. Jesus Christ said, “You’ll know them by their fruits”. The fruits are all too evident. If I were in the same church or organization, I would run for my life!!

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