Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Post Election Violence Report on Inside Story (KTN)

From KTN’s Inside Story report on post election violence, its evident that Kenyans cannot leave anything to chance. For instance, the channels that were used to put arms in the wrong hands are still open. It’s so shocking that some high ranking people have been involved in this and other vices that fueled the violence.

The government needs to see the seriousness, and determine to put a stop to this, provide justice to the victims and implement the reform agenda.

We as Kenyans have a role to play. We must refuse negative ethnicity, and preach the same. We must see each other as brothers and sisters, and anything that says otherwise should not be given any chance. This has to start with an individual. We need to pray for this nation. We cannot sit back in assumption. We have to be proactive.

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