Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Julia Confronting Her Mother at School (Tahidi High, Citizen TV)

According to Sish, exchanging a business card is as good as kissing. She reports the ‘kissing incident’ to Julia who goes ahead to confront her mother, and much to the shock of some ‘observers’, that’s OJ and Sish, slaps her mother on the face. Miss Morgan happens to be watching too, in disbelief.

It later emerges that Julia’s parents are divorcing. As you watch her plead with her mother, “Please don’t leave us…I’m sure you can work it out”, your heart cannot help going out to a young person in her position. Experts would tell us that a family breaking apart is one of the most painful experiences. What this does to the children is devastating.

What if someone’s decision is to blame for this? It’s possible to feel anger and frustration towards such a person, yet many people think it’s acceptable to cheat on a spouse. Before someone looks at this issue as casually as the society is gravitating towards, it might help to take a good look at your family, which you value (assuming you do), and know that you could be writing a sentence to its demise, and permanently affect other peoples lives, whom you claimed to care about, for good! Quite sobering, isn’t it?

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