Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nakutazamia by Mercy Wairegi

Produced by: Billy Frank (Audio)
Album: Nuru
Youtube Link:

Mercy Wairegi has released some of the most refreshing gospel tunes in Kenya. I watched her latest video Nakutazamia on Youtube and it's just awesome. Among her BVG's is none other than Christine Ndela, another big name in Kenyan gospel music.

The reggae styled worship song will leave you asking for more.

The video is shot on an evening beach setting. Something else you'll appreciate in this song is the rhythm and the drums. The feel of a live band is just captivating including the bass guitar. You can't fail to feel the passion and the energy.

Apart from the music, the song has deep worship lyrics. As Mercy sings out words of gratitude and worship to God, you cannot help but join her and feel the same way. And worship along with her.

You'll definitely want to look out for this album next time you go to the store.

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