Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kalasha Awards

When you got friends in high places, crashing parties that you had no idea where there in the first place seems the ideal way to start a weekend. Besides it’s not every day that you rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of the media and political society in Kenya.

And let’s not forget the part that its 3000 per head, am sure that was meant to keep the hooligans out of such event – no pun intended. But to be serious this was the equivalent of the American Oscars, and the pomp, hype, mood and the caliber of the people had to be just right.

Highlights of the evening, PLO Lumumba’s speech of which I can’t seem to remember a single word of what he said and I could almost swear that I gave a heart ovation after he had finished and mellowed over his wise words – politicians skills. I have never found Churchill particularly funny, but for some reason I found myself clapping very vehemently when he went to receive his award and left the crowd in giggles.

The mandate of Kenya films commission is to motivate local producers towards quality film and TV productions. It’s a crying shame that awards were being dished out to actors, producers and directors of movies that hadn’t even been absorbed into the Kenyan theaters (market) and you’re like, when did that movie debut and how come’s you hadn’t got the chance to see it? To be precise, the Rugged Priest, the Brief Case, Me, My Wife and Her Guru and Muigwithania all sounded OK but personally I think - Me, My Wife and Her Guru would have been an interesting watch based on its preview and the actors involved in the production.

Even after the awards were over I never got to hear of them again, if I did I would have gladly found the time to go purchase one if it were within my budget. But truth be told it would be naïve of me to assume such movies would be the equivalent cost of the ones found on Moi avenue. Or maybe it’s just plain ignorance that I never had the interest looking for Kenyan movies. Kenya has got talent that’s for sure and am glad some people finally got recognition for the years that have spent in the industry e.g. Vioja Mahakamani

As for me and my escapade, my gals and I forced Kidum – Ok... Well… Kinda… but if you scream on top of your lungs does sounds like forcing. So I kindly requested him to repeat my favorite song. To top it all up I got a snap taken with his highness the comedian Eric Omondi which never made it to the print in the first place – “damn the photographer”.

By yours truly Mo Mungai
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