Friday, February 26, 2010

Cleflo Dollar on Family TV @ 10.30 PM Weekdays

Dr. Cleflo is a preacher of the Word of God. The 30 min program is packed with teachings from the bible that are very enlightening. They run as series runs for a period of time, before another new one takes over and the process continues.

There is a misconception that Dr. Cleflo teaches on prosperity alone. By listening to this program you’ll then realize how untrue this is. The teachings cover various aspects of a Christian life including holiness, living right, relationships and of course Word of faith including principles that bring health and prosperity. My personal view is that there is nothing wrong with on prosperity, as long as it’s given its place and God is given His place in ones life. In fact we need to be prosperous in order for us to be effective in what God has called us to do. God comes first, and after focusing on Him seeking Him, then as the bible says we’ll experience blessing and all other good things that we need for this life.

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