Friday, February 26, 2010

Kirk Cameron on Family TV

Kirk Cameron takes a radical approach to evangelism. He calls it the way of the master. He maintains that when Jesus was on earth, He spoke the truth directly, calling the people to “repent or die”. He’s against the gospel of preaching the gospel of, “come to Jesus and your life will be good”. He argues that when someone finds challenges in Christian life which is expected as opposed to the “good life” all the way, the person is bound to give up and turn back.

The way of the master is a reality TV, where Kirk Cameron and his co-host walk up to people in the streets and engages them in conversations, aimed at showing them their spiritual position in relation to judgment, by just using the 10 commandments. For instance, if someone has ever told a lie, looked at a woman with lust and so on, common things that people are guilty of, one is brought to realization that they have fallen on God’s standard and stand to face judgment. On the basis of this new knowledge, one can seek a solution which is to accept Jesus as savior and Lord.

The hosts also encounter people from different sects and cults, and in the show they bring out their beliefs, explaining exactly how they’ve deviated from the truth.

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