Friday, February 26, 2010

Stitchie on Jam 316 (Radio 316)

Stitchie is a renown International gospel reggae artist from Jamaica. He is visiting Kenya and is scheduled to perform in Mavuno Mega Dome. He made an appearance on Mike on the Mike’s show on Radio 316, where he narrates his life, what he believes, but it’s how he gave his life to Jesus that captured my attention.

Stitchie was not initially a born again Christian. But in an international festival, he performed and the remarkable thing is that on a stage where people were mentioning different kind of gods, he mentioned the name of Jesus Christ which was quite a shocker to everyone. He went ahead and became the best performer in that festival. After all the attention he got from that, one man approached him and gave him a gift; it was a small Gedions Bible as he came to find out.

In his hotel room, he could go through various scriptures given for different life situations; when discouraged, when lonely and so on. He was then so convicted that he needed to change his was of life and turn to God. He told his crew that he was quiting music and gave his life to Christ!

Stitchie has this inspiration to share, that it’s important to know who you are; what’s your identity? He reminds us that we are a holy nation. He quoted the song, “Justified, royal priesthood, holy nation, little lower than the angels”.

When asked what to expect in the concert, Stitchie promised ‘Love in the Dome’. ‘Expect God’s presence, love, come to see not what Stitchie will do but what God will do.’. He said. He promised to perform to the best of his ability in excellence, “Because I give praise unto the King”, he added.

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