Friday, February 26, 2010

Dr. Phil on Family TV @ 9.35PM Weekdays

Dr. Phil is a well renowned psychologist, and a great show host; so much that he’s one of the few ranked among the top show hosts in the world like Oprah.
He brings guests on the show that happen to be ordinary people dealing, or having dealt with diverse level of circumstances; from those that every person can identify with, to others that are quite isolated. That makes it very interesting because we are naturally like both. He’s really cool calm and collected and authoritative at the same time, especially when he brings in some technical input which he does well.

He offers help to his guests and viewers, based on the topic being handled in the show, which he presents it to his guests and leaves it to them to consider. It’s productive given the fact that he’s an expert in what the show is all about.

From time to time, Dr. Phil commits to bring back some guests who have been in his show, to evaluate the progress they made since they had to his show last.

Dr. Phil has his signature of ending the show by getting his wife off the audience as she’s always conspicuously in the show, and grabbing her hand as they walk off, with her quick short steps while he waves. Might look dramatic at times but interesting; people have actually written to him just on this one alone.

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