Friday, February 26, 2010

Esther Arunga on the Bench (K24)

I watched Esther Arunga on the bench. She looked good and pretty as always. One thing was quite evident from her tone and her emphasis: combat! She came out very strong, and she had a word or two for several people whom she was not very happy with. She has several law suites to file too. Then the quite huge announcement that one could expect from her, that of running against Joseph Hellon for the country’s top job! She’s not just announcing this, but has all the faith that it will be realized; she actually said she’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t.

But this is my confusion right there: what is it about? Is it about faith or political goal. I’ve no problem with either but the connection between the two ought to be properly defined.

I also couldn’t stop thinking that Esther is not herself. For instance, if you say that someone is planning to kill you, and say it on television, articulately identify the person without blinking, you’d better have the evidence. It should not be so easy for anyone. It’s also hard to understand how she decided to quite her job. One might think that her positioning would be the best for someone in her profession. The fact that she broke her engagement with Wilson is quite worrying; and the reasons are very contradictory: is it infidelity, or is it that he was pressing for sex before they were married?

Well, that aside, it later emerged that Esther is having some consultations with a doctor, and I cannot agree more; I thinks she really needs that, time to reflect on all this and the turn of events that have happened just too fast.

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  1. You guys are not serious. If people really cared abour the girls faith, the would have made efforts to convert her to the right faith. Not giving such ignorant and callous comments as if she is the only one in a 'cult'.