Friday, February 26, 2010

Shangilia with Anthony Ndiema on Hope FM @ 1 PM Weekdays

If you ever listened to this show, you’ll hear something like, “Niko darasani” (I’m in class), and you think, no one should be listening to radio in class!! But you’ll soon to realize that the class is the show, and teachers are the hosts (Anthony Ndiema and John Gichuru mlipa ushuru aliyeone nuru). And I quite like it.

If you ever wanted to hear the best of Gospel Kenyan local, then Shangilia is the show for you. One thing that you will realize on this show is that Kenya has talent. Kenyan local music has surely come a long way, and the appreciation that it has continued to receive from Kenyans is very well substantiated.

Something else unique about this show is that it’s the only one done in Swahili in an English language station. Anthony Ndiema, one the show host has a quite charismatic personality, and has a rich tone of pure Swahili language unlike many of the younger generation that are more into Sheng (Swahili’s slang). His co-host John Gichuru is a perfect complement.

Shangilia’s listeners are usually treated to some appearances by various Kenyan gospel artists. Daddy Owen aka Papa Fololo aka King of Kapungala, Jimmy Gait, Christine Ndela, Rough Tone, Mercy Masika, Neema, Eunice Njeri, Blackman Muthami, Asha Mapenzi to name just a few are some of the artists who have be guests at one time on Shangilia.

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