Friday, February 26, 2010

On the Bench by Jeff Koinange on K24

This is probably one of the most popular shows. If you’ve heard something that’s phenomenon about anyone, chances are that you’ll find them on this show being interviewed by Jeff Koinange. The former CNN reporter is a well articulated show host – quite rare to find; his style might be controversial: heavy western accent, strong body language, dramatic accentuation and all, but there’s one thing that no one can dispute: he sure stands out in his profession.

As he ends the show, Jeff will have to make you say the station’s slogan with you; it doesn’t matter who you are, but you’ll say the last part of the line, “All Kenyan, all the time”. All guests do comply, with one exception, one veteran politician; he was straight on it, “No I won’t do it”. That was right on the show; it might have appeared humorous at first but I later thought, we’ve had a culture of hurting one another; those who’ve fought for democracy in this country have had a bitter share of this. This can affect someone, to an extent of being very cautious before trusting anyone on anything. I’d to hear you take on this show.


  1. I was so amused when President Yoweri struggled to say "all the time". yesterday's show really kicked and i loved how Jeff tried to make him say things but in vain! It was quite a show and i must big-up Jeff for his super work.

    Jeff,do you mind bringing "baba jimmy on the bench! i think you will have crowned the show!

  2. Just watching a repeat of the bench session with Ken Njiru. Ken has thrown a challenge that I think should be echoed all over Kenya... "our athletes excel because their benchmark is to be simply the best IN THE WORLD!!"

    The rest of Kenya should emulate this... Yes we can!

    Jeff, thanks for keeping the show great... and could we all look for ways to sambaza such nuggets of wisdom ...