Friday, February 26, 2010

Kiss Big Breakfast with Caroline Mutoko on KISS 100, Weekday Mornings

Caroline is one of the most celebrated radio personalities. Many find her to have a strong temperament, may be by the manner in which she carries herself: no apologies at all. She would make you feel like if you stood up to each other on the face, she could easily knock you out! She’s known to cause temperatures to rise as a result of her approach in tackling some society issues. For instance, she’s remembered to have caused some serious friction with a certain major political figure in the government. The battle ended in court and went on for sometime.


  1. hey carol am lailah rajab and am 16years old.i recently started a blog which mainly focusses on the healing of kenyans after the post election violence.i was hoping that you could check it out and if you could have me on your show so that i can really put it out blog title is change catalysts,my blog name is www.the newtribe in and my email address is newtribe in and lastly u can contact me on 0712946257 thank you in advance and i look forward to a positive feedback.

  2. hey carol am mary and am so disappointed in u because i participate in each and every morning and yet u have never given me any present i think u hate me very much if not then call me 0714499366 and tell me why u discriminate me