Friday, February 26, 2010

Joseph Hellon on the Bench (K24)

I had been really looking forward to hear Hellon speak out without the pressure of journalists and the circumstances. I think the bench would be the ideal place for this and so it really caught my attention.

There are all the questions and speculations surrounding Hellon, including being said to be heading a cultist organization. After listening to him, I can’t really say that Finger of God Ministries is a cult. That would not be my issue. In fact, I think what he says has soundness if you measure it with the bible. And I appreciated the fact that he was not shying away from the bible in today’s very secular world.

But that does not mean I agree with him; I find his approach is too strong; Christian faith is founded on principles of love, forgiveness, humility and such. I've been taught that if we’re so concerned about proving a point to someone, then something is wrong. I think Hellon has enough people whom he seems ready to get even with. He was saying it on the show; for instance, he really blasted the guys from his church who differed with him; he actually fired them in the first place!

Then comes Esther’s case: this is a young woman who has her life put together, flying high in her career, preparing to get married while all of a sudden these things take a totally different turn, due to association with Hellon’s church. I don’t about you but we don’t do that in the church I come from! At present, a word has it that she’s be receiving professional help.

Then I have a question for Hellon: what’s his vision for this country, as he prepares to vie for the high office? I ask this because what I see of him, is more of a fighter, ready to finish off an opponent. Well it’s true that this has its place, but by now we need to have seen a vision; someone with a mission. Maybe he’ll eventually convince me and the people.

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  1. The point you miss is that Christianity and worldly success are miles apart. Not one of the apostles or disciples "made it" in this world.So the problem is with the teachings of your church.