Friday, February 26, 2010

Jam 316 with Big Mike on the Mike on Radio 316, Morning Weekdays

Mike on the Mike comes to me as a person full of energy and passion. He is loud and gives one the kind of start ones need for the day; got to start strong! His sense of humor is very balanced, and it doesn’t matter what your morning is like, or how dull you feel, Mike will sure get your face lighting up!


  1. I love the morning weekday shows with Mike on the mike. I started listening to Jam 316 recently and just wondered to myself why I did not start earlier. It gives me the uplift and inspiration I need to start each day. It is a blessing, keep up the good work Mike.

  2. Hi mike im online and would like to give you a call could u please send me the call lines im not near a radio its important. Cheers

  3. I love this Mike onthe Mic. One question though, Is he really really normal. I mean like me and you?

  4. What happened to Mike on the mic, he is no longer on air